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My professional background
I've worked on countless campaigns, from product launches and special events, to brand re-designs. My work has been read by millions and featured in national newspapers, on billboards and been funded by brands such as Qantas, the Australian Tourist Board and the Rocky Mountaineer.
I'm skilled at writing direct-response adverts, direct-mail newsletters, leaflets and brochures, as well as SEO web pages and blog posts. As a thorough researcher, I've written about a wide range of topics, including travel, insurance, health and beauty, hobbies and more.
My background in sales and marketing spans 20 years. I've worked both client-side for a multi-national UK company and solo as a freelance copywriter & content marketer in NZ.
I'm currently engaged as the marketer for a multi-site veterinary practice in the South Island, strategising and managing brand and external campaigns, including marketing collateral, social media and all other things web.
✔ Web copywriting
✔ Advertising copywriting
✔ Direct-mail copywriting
✔ Digital marketing, including SEO
✔ Branding
✔ Multi-channel copy (print and digital channels)
✔ CMS including WordPress & Squarespace.
✔ Copywriting and Digital Marketing training from the internationally recognised CIM - Chartered Institute of Marketing.
✔ Computer code training with BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT which means I know a thing or two about HTML and CSS
✔ Photography and graphic design training.
✔ Web pages
✔ Landing pages
✔ Transaction pages
✔ Informative how-to articles
✔ Ultimate guides
✔ Original blog articles
✔ Ghostwriting and technical writing
✔ Brochures, leaflets & adverts
✔ Copy editing & more.
✔ Social media management
✔  Press releases
✔ Analytics
✔ Landing page optimization
✔ CTA optimization
✔ UX experience
✔  Branding/positioning
✔ Customer support/success
✔ HTML & CSS (mainly for WordPress)
✔ Funnel marketing
✔ Content marketing
✔ Email marketing
✔ Paid marketing (Facebook and Google ads).
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