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The brief
Natural Natives are a health tonic supplier that believes in harnessing the natural goodness of Mother Earth. They needed to revamp their website, including the copy, to shine a light on the benefits of their unique product.

The process
I based the home page and product category page on thorough research and in-depth client briefs.
- In-depth product briefings
- Independent product and competitor research
- Website copywriting for the home page and product category page, including an FAQs section.
The outcome
The key to rewriting Natural Natives' homepage was to focus on the benefits for the customer. I achieved this by defining their Online Value Proposition.

This was supported by testimonials and in-depth product benefits written in an easy-to-scan format (for all you scrollers out there). Any conceivable objections were addressed in the FAQs on the product category page. The team had input throughout the process to make sure they loved the tone of voice and level of detail.

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